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Our Sunday Celebration starts at 10.30 with a cup of fresh brewed coffee! It is part of our celebration to fellowship and to talk, to have meaningful conversations, to pray and to worship: to be real and authentic.

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By 11.00 we start with a time of worship, followed by a +/- 30 min word in contemporary language. During the whole time there is coffee and snacks available and the children between 3 and 12 years have their own program.
By 12:30pm the program is over but the celebration is still on! Everybody is welcome to stay for another coffee, another chat, just having a great time.
Sunday morning shouldn’t be a duty, it should be the sweetest time of the week. Something to look forward to – something to enjoy! Although most people in our fellowship also speak Dutch, we choose English for our main meetings, to keep it open and accessible for international guests. Beginning MARCH 05 2017 we will start a DUTCHspeaking service! Dutch service will start 10:00am English service will than start 11:30am! Kidsclub and some of the Life-Boat-meetings are also in Dutch.
Everybody is welcome and Lighthouse Fellowship is a great place to bring friends, guests and visitors.
We look forward to welcome you!




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