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Enjoy Life – Love God – Make a Difference

We believe that every generation is challenged to creatively translate and express the unchangeable Word of God in its own society and culture.
The Bible is a book that holds an explosive message (Rom1,16) that still contains its power and speaks to our modern day lives. If traditions or religious mindsets hinder us from discovering these treasures, we should consider changing them or having the courage to put them aside.

What should a church look like in our time? How can it be meaningful and accessible for the people in our city and our nation today? In 2009 we started this journey and we see it as an ongoing process…
We defined three pillars to navigate our Fellowship through this adventure:

Enjoy Life:
We believe that Jesus came to heal what needs healing and to save what is lost. He came to bring life to the full (Joh 10,10). He came to restore and transform a fallen world.
We have a real heart to see people changed by the love of God, by the truth of His Word and the presence of His Holy Spirit. God does not want us to live with shame, guilt, bitterness or a distorted idea about ourselves: he is a loving Father who wants His children to be healthy and alive, to live a life full of purpose.

Love God:
Jesus said that the law and the prophetic books in the Bible can be summarized in this: love God with all our heart, soul and mind (Matt 22,37). Another scripture talks about heart, soul and strength (Mk 12,30). Next to the command to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, this is the highest command. We want to love God with our lives; always find new ways to express it through music, art, projects etc… He is worthy of our praise because of who and what He is and what He has done for us.

Make a Difference:
Jesus was in many ways  different from the people of his time. It seemed as if he followed a very different agenda. He swam against the stream of his time and he did what he believed was right. Some people call him a “beautiful outlaw” because of that.  The word of God challenges us not to conform to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed but the renewing of our mind (Rom 12,2). We are called to make a difference, to be light in a cold and self centered world. History has proven it again and again that cities and nations can be changed for Gods glory by the courage and faith of simple men and women. Let’s be part of it …

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