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Life Boats are interest-based groups which take place during the week. Life Boats are a great way to meet new people, to fellowship, to have loads of fun and meaningful conversations. We believe that nobody should walk alone and that we need each other to grow in Christ.

The next LIFE BOAT Semester will start MAY 01 – JULY 02 2017! To sign up please contact our Life Boat Pastor Hadassa Busschots [email protected]

Parenting on Purpose
Weekly, Wed 9:30-11, Lageweg 2660 Hoboken – Hadassa Busschots [email protected]

Parenting is one of the most important and most difficult things we’ve ever faced. Wouldn’t it be great to sit at the feet of someone who has successfully swam the parenting waters and have other parents in the process to encourage and surround us in the process? we can! Let’s get together and learn from Chris Hodges, pastor of Church of the Highlands, and father of 5 meanwhile adult children    , all of whom love God.

Heartbeat for the city
Weekly, Tuesday 19-20:30 @ Lighthouse. Bilingual – Sarah Deckers [email protected]

In this Lifeboat we want to talk about Gods greatness and show this greatness. We start in the Church with 15-20 minutes of prayer. we ask God for a word or an image for the people we’ll meet. After that, we will go out in the streets to talk with/pray for people. We believe in miracles (f.e. healing) and want to see these in the hearts of people. The goal is sharing God’s love with those who don’t know Him yet. This lifeboat is for those who want to step out and grow in their faith!

Bij deze lifeboat willen we graag over de grootheid van God vertellen en  Zijn grootheid tonen. We starten in de kerk met een 15 à 20 minuten gebed. We vragen God om een woord of een beeld voor mensen die we gaan tegen komen.
Vervolgens gaan we de straat op en gaan praten/ bidden voor mensen .  We geloven in wonderen ( vb genezing) en willen deze ook zien in mensen harten. Het doel is om God’s liefde te delen met de mensen die hem nog niet kennen. Deze Lifeboat is voor mensen die willen groeien en uitstappen in hun geloof!

Find the one…Be the one
Weekly, Thursday 19:30-21@ Du Boislei 112 Brasschaat 2930 – Nathan & Carey Locklar  [email protected]

Most everyone is looking for “the one”. We’re going to have a blast as we talk through how to find this person and, more importantly, how to become this person to someone else. Whether you are single, dating, or engaged, this lifeboat is for you. Join us each week as we walk through what the Bible has to say about relationships and come prepared to learn, laugh, and have a great time!
Second to your relationship with Jesus, your relationship with your spouse will be the most important relationship of your life! Don’t settle for “good enough” in relationships, when God has prepared something far greater for you! We will share our personal story and the many lessons we have learned along the way to help equip you for your future (or current) relationship with “the one”.

The marriage course
Weekly, Saturday 20-22:30 @Moerplein10, 2870 Ruisbroek – Jacob Peanosky [email protected]

This is a great lifeboat for you if you and your spouse are looking to get your hands messy and dig out the weeds that may choke up your married life. We provide an opportunity during the course to get real one on one time with your spouse to discuss and deal with the issues presented. Feel free to join if you want to work toward a relationship with your spouse that reflects God’s glory for all to see!

GROW! (Leadership Roundtable)
Biweekly, Thursday 19:30-21@ Lighthouse – Frank Ernst [email protected]

Become a better leader! We want to grow in leadership and have interactive conversation around this topic – we will do some exercises to find out where we need to grow on a personal level and we ll have a good portion of great leadership principles! Starting Thursday May 11! May 11 + 25 / June 08 + 22


Start your own Life Boat!PhotoFunia-1446472791
If you do not find a Life Boat that is made for “people like you” – open your own Life Boat! All you have to do is to follow our NEXT STEPS and attend a one-time Life Boat Leaders Training.

Life Boats – as individual as you: for example – all kinds of sport activities (running, soccer,gym, badminton,tennis etc ), 4th Musketeer, Sozo, Bible-Studies, Discipleship, Cooking, Leadership Training, Movie-Time, studying Hebrew/Greek, Alpha-Course, Book studies, Flash-mobs, Choir, Guitar-lessons, Prophetic Training, having coffee at Starbucks, Intercession for the nations, etc …


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